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The actual deal with out-of Yevon [ ]

Brand new class motions so you can Guadosalam, the metropolis of Guado, of which Seymour ‘s the chief, as he are 50 % of-Guado half-human. He encourages new class so you can their residence, in which the guy attempts to woo Yuna and you may suggests him or her a sphere recording off what is apparently Tidus’s Zanarkand: a shimmering area from a 1,000 years back. In eyes is the very first summoner to overcome Sin, Lady Yunalesca, along with her spouse Lord Zaon. Seymour shows wedding to help you Yuna, but she avoids reacting. Instead, she requires her category to go to the fresh new Farplane, new homes of the deceased one is obtainable inside of Spira, in which pyreflies collect in order to create photos of dead in the visitors’ memories.

Rikku believes it to be just an impression and you can determines never to enter into. In to the, Tidus discovers Jecht will not appear, meaning he might nevertheless be live as the Sin. Tidus occur to summons the picture out-of his mom, which, because Yuna shows you, must have accepted passing and inserted this post the latest Farplane without the need for a sending. One of the reasons Tidus resents their dad is that his mommy had lost the desire to reside after he went lost.

Auron stays at the rear of too, even in the event he does not bring a description

Seymour’s father, Jyscal Guado, will leave this new Farplane because an enthusiastic “unsent”, an effective ghost created from a person who dies “a dirty death”. Yuna sends Jyscal, and you may within the service, Auron falls upon his hips, rather weak. A sphere tape looks about unsent, and that Yuna snatches right up. When you’re Yuna goes into brand new Guado manor intending to discuss Jyscal, Seymour has left to have Macalania, in which the classification brains second.

Rikku panics when the classification is located at the Thunder Plains, and halfway across the, they remain at an excellent Rin’s Take a trip Department to help you relaxed this lady. Rikku features major astraphobia-concern with thunder-remaining of a history mishap whenever this lady sis lined up good Thunder spell at the a fighting fiend, but it missed and you will struck her alternatively. When you’re being at the newest institution Yuna physically viewpoints the new contents of Jyscal’s fields recording. Up until the class comes into the fresh Macalania Trees, Yuna announces she will undertake Seymour’s render away from marriage. Auron presumptions Yuna was hoping to negotiate things that have Seymour, and this she does not want the remainder inside it.

Whenever you are passageway from Macalania Woods, Auron hacks his method as a result of an overgrown sidepath to reveal an excellent spring that have pyrefly-infused liquid used to create spheres. Immediately after assaulting the latest Spherimorph, a motion picture industries away from Jecht are abandoned that presents snippets away from Braska’s pilgrimage. It offers a nostalgic content away from Jecht in order to Tidus. Tidus are unsure tips act, just like the fundamental anything the guy remembers regarding Jecht are the times the guy regularly reproach your.

Once leaving the trees, the group try met by Tromell, Seymour’s butler, whom prospects Yuna towards the Macalania Temple to arrange towards the marriage. Brand new Al Bhed ambush them with Rikku’s sibling among classification. The fresh Al Bhed you will need to avoid Yuna’s pilgrimage by the unleashing the latest strong Crawler, and that Yuna’s guardians destroy. Wakka discovers Rikku are an Al Bhed and expresses his disgust within “heathen”. Annoyed you to no one is delivering his top, Wakka minds so you can Macalania Temple by foot, while the someone else experience to your machina sleds. (According to affection accounts, Tidus will either journey having Rikku, Lulu, Auron, otherwise Kimahri.)

Auron demonstrates to you Jecht got recognized his future to remain in Spira and you may assist Braska in the beating Sin, and soon after tells Tidus you to definitely Jecht appreciated their guy but didn’t know how to display they

In the event the Tidus trips that have Rikku, he’ll discover that Rikku and you can Yuna are cousins. Rikku demonstrates to you brand new Al Bhed have to manage brand new pilgrimaging summoners while they disagree towards summoners sacrificing on their own to take pleasure to help you Spira. In the event the the guy rides with Lulu, Tidus relates to see Wakka’s hatred on Al Bhed, which comes from the way Wakka’s sister Chappu died: when you’re wielding a taboo machina weapon off Al Bhed source. He requires Lulu if a human could become Sin, and you can she fundamentally thinks Tidus comes from various other community.

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